Life Facts

Life Facts.

1.       Life gives us loads of trials. But do you know the best way out to all of these? One magic word: Prayer.

2.       Life begins on the day you were born and ends on the day you start to hate yourself and wished you were born as someone else.

3.        Everything that is happening in your life is a product of your actions and decisions. So whether it’s good or bad, blame it to no one because you’re the one responsible for it.

4.       You are not living a productive life if you keep on doing similar things everyday.

5.       Life is never dull. If you are bored with your life, it’s either you’re too idle to explore or you possess a tedious personality.

6.       A perfect life can be seen on how birds live everyday. A life with no worries; only Faith that God leads them.

7.       Mistakes are part of life. If you’ve never committed one then it only means you’re missing the best lessons life can teach you.

8.       Life doesn’t give you the people whom you want to be with. You choose them on your own. So if someone hurt you, never take away your life; instead take those who hurt you away from your life.

9.        Life is like a labyrinth with endless corners and curves. So expect life with ups and downs once in a while. It happens and it goes by too. Just be patient.

10.   Life itself is a Blessing. And Blessings are meant to be shared not kept. So leave your comfort zone and enjoy the wonders of the world with everyone. You’ll never know, someone might have been waiting for you to come in their lives as a Blessing.

11.   A life well-lived is a life well-spent.

12.   If you want to see life differently, observe how animals live. You’ll discover great things which you never knew existed.

13.   Life is never too short. Remember what God promised us? An eternal life with Him. Eternal life.




Food, our basic need

It started from a seed.

It makes our body healthy,

Our minds and hearts wealthy.

Prayers purify our souls,

To reach our desired goals.

Women often pray at night,

To ask God for her Knight.

Love makes one sad,

While others gone mad.

He said love makes the world go round,

Yet true love is unseen in the ground.