WHICH MODERN DAY HEROINE ARE YOU? Yeah~ this is really me. :)

Hermione Granger — The Brilliant

Beauty and brains—you know Hermione has it. You’ve always got your books in your hands (or maybe a tablet with all of your saved research) and find the need to take down notes during lectures. You like to keep your schedule organized and you also keep a journal. Admit it, you like to excel in your academics and can be a bit competitive about it. But one thing’s for sure, you’ve always got the backs of your friends. Whether or not they ask for your help, you know when they need you.

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8 Years of Love

Super Junior debuted on November 6, 2005 with their famous ‘Knockout’ song.

Back then, I was still not an ELF. I was just a 13-yearl old girl who lived in her own little simple world. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that I would be so hooked up to Super Junior to the point that my little simple world turned into a big world of insanity. They turned tables in front of my naked eyes and put millions of butterflies in my tummy. Super Junior really turned my life upside down.




a PROSPEROUS 8 years..

8 Years of Dorkiness

8 Years of Sexiness

8 Years of Tears

8 Years of Awesomeness

8 Years of Happiness

8 Years of Struggles

8 Years of Achievements

8 Years of  LOVE with SUPER JUNIOR..



Super Junior united people from different corners of the world as one; as an Everlasting Friends. They made us smile, cry, worry, laugh, and dream as ONE. They let us feel the ‘love beyond borders and oceans’ and we are very grateful for that and for their unconditional love to us, their Everlasting Friends. And we, ELFs,  PROM15E  TO 13LIEVE, TO  PROT3CT AND TO 1OVE SUPER JUNIOR for the rest of our lives.

super-junior-4 super-junior-wallpaper-suju-boy-band-celebrity-korea

I was 19 years of age when I became a pure blooded ELF; now I’m 21 years old. You’re probably thinking why I called myself a ‘pure blooded ELF’ knowing that I only have a 2-year-experience as an ELF. Well, I always believed that the number of years of how long or how short one has become an ELF doesn’t define his/her love to Super Junior. Just like what Siwon had once said “You don’t need to be an ELF from the very beginning, you just need to be an ELF until the very end.” And I plan to become an ELF beyond forever. Yes. I’d been an ELF for only 2 years but Super Junior gave me forever within those years. Their effect to me is so intense that it could shake me to bits and make me the happiest ELF alive. I may have lost my 6 years with Super Junior but I am glad that I have my ‘forever’ with them.

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One Great Wish


Christmas is fast approaching and if ever Santa Claus would knock on our door (‘coz we don’t have a chimney) and put his gifts inside the hanged socks, then I would wait for him patiently and personally tell him my One Great Wish. Santa might be surprised because my wish is not for myself but for others. BUT, they are NOT just others, this is what I would tell Santa. They are one of my KPOP idols; they are Infinite; my special Infinite.


My One Great Wish for Infinite is for them to have this Infinite love for each other. I would tell Santa to tie an Infinite rope of love among the seven dreamers. This rope would serve as their connection from each other wherever they are. Other Inspirits might hate me for saying this, but I know that someday our seven boyfriends will have a life of their own. They will get married and all (which I wish won’t happen yet). I’d like to think that when that happens, the rope of love which Santa tied will connect them so that they will not be separated from each other totally. For an Inspirit like me, who is an ocean apart from them, knowing that they are always together, partying somewhere, laughing their hearts out, and creating unforgettable memories, will certainly make me feel glad and grateful. When they have this Infinite love for each other, then I know by heart that they will never be apart from one another. Their hearts will be connected and bonded by love. This will definitely make my heart at ease wherever I am.


Infinite love for Infinite; this is my One Great Wish. Simple yet I know it lasts forever, infinitely.


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