One Great Wish


Christmas is fast approaching and if ever Santa Claus would knock on our door (‘coz we don’t have a chimney) and put his gifts inside the hanged socks, then I would wait for him patiently and personally tell him my One Great Wish. Santa might be surprised because my wish is not for myself but for others. BUT, they are NOT just others, this is what I would tell Santa. They are one of my KPOP idols; they are Infinite; my special Infinite.


My One Great Wish for Infinite is for them to have this Infinite love for each other. I would tell Santa to tie an Infinite rope of love among the seven dreamers. This rope would serve as their connection from each other wherever they are. Other Inspirits might hate me for saying this, but I know that someday our seven boyfriends will have a life of their own. They will get married and all (which I wish won’t happen yet). I’d like to think that when that happens, the rope of love which Santa tied will connect them so that they will not be separated from each other totally. For an Inspirit like me, who is an ocean apart from them, knowing that they are always together, partying somewhere, laughing their hearts out, and creating unforgettable memories, will certainly make me feel glad and grateful. When they have this Infinite love for each other, then I know by heart that they will never be apart from one another. Their hearts will be connected and bonded by love. This will definitely make my heart at ease wherever I am.


Infinite love for Infinite; this is my One Great Wish. Simple yet I know it lasts forever, infinitely.


One Great Place to Have a Blast!
Feeding My Infinite KPOP Addiction


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