Little Infinities with Augustus :)

“I’ll write you an epilogue.” –Gus ♥♥♥

To me, this is the sweetest thing Augustus ever said to Hazel. He killed me when he said this. And I killed myself just by reading this line over and over again. It may not be as special as the words “I love you” but to me or should I say to Hazel, it means: “hey, don’t cry~ I’m here. I’ll give you what others can’t. And even if they can, I’ll still give it to you more than they could.” It just shows how much he loves Hazel and how far he can go just to see her happy. Gus is certainly the ideal guy every girl wants. He is realistically the imperfectly perfect boyfriend every girl wishes for. Especially to us, me and my bff Jovan Obra who love Gus as much as Hazel do. ❤ We would like to spend our Little Infinities with Augustus and Hazel a little bit earlier.haha. Our “TFIOS feels” is not letting us have a good night sleep. We just can’t wait to have our Little Infinities with Gus and Hazel again but this time in a huge screen. So huge and exclusive that we could kiss Augustus our forever with him. 😀 ❤ ❤


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