GOD is my “other one” …

I woke up this morning with the Holy Spirit filling the emptiness inside me… A feeling of longing to be with Him…then a gnawing thought sparked in my mind…that maybe…just maybe..that God is calling for me..that He is reminding me that He will never leave me through thick and thin and will forever be with me in every single beat of my heart.

I’ve been living a roller coaster-ride of life.And in those high and blurry rides, I almost got tired and breathless. Back then, moving forward to see a greener pasture seemed so out of my reach. Like everything is running out of my horizon leaving me with no chance of keeping it. I was so weak and restless with no one to hold on to and no place to rest awhile. I became a withered flower waiting to be watered again. I could  not foresee any good fortune at all. Then LIFE happened. The tables were turned all at once. I saw HIM. I witnessed His love…His warm, enduring, and everlasting love. It dawned on me that without me noticing it before, that GOD WAS, IS, AND WILL BE WITH ME FOREVER. He made those fearful and blurry rides breathtaking and worth journeying. He gave me rest when I needed it most. He filled my thirst with His own blood. He was my strength when I was weak. He reached out His hand when I got nothing to hold on to. He became my light when I was so blind to see everything. Jesus saved me when I was about to lie down in my own grave. And I came to know Him. And by knowing, I began to love Him.

I love God in gallons, in kilometers, in kilograms, in gigahertz and in gazillion bits but God loves me more than that. That’s how great God is! He loved me in my weakest, deepest, darkest soul and He is loving me despite my flaws and shortcomings. God’s undying love is the only constant thing in this world. I discovered then, that my gratitude towards Him cannot be expressed in words and cannot be estimated by numbers; that I just have to love Him with all my heart and soul.

That’s how I fell in love with Him. I love Him now and I know I will be loving Him for the rest of my precious life. Now, I’m not scared of the surprises and trials life may bring because I know that those are from God. God’s way of saying He wants me to be closer to Him. I’m now waiting for the day when I get to spend my life praising and worshiping our God Almighty. God and I, together. Forever.



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