Sometimes, you cross bridges you never planned of crossing; you dream the unthinkable, you do the impossible, you hold on though it’s unreachable and you love despite of its unrequitedness. You know it is a roller coaster kind of ride but you never fastened your seatbelt. When you’re about to fall in a cliff, you never stepped on the break. When you can’t find your breath, you never asked for someone’s help. Everyone is leaving you behind but instead of stopping them, you pushed them away. You ask rhetorical questions when there are answers around you.

You have reasons.

You’re doing it not because you’re an introvert, a loner, or you’re kind of depressed but because you find peace when you are alone. You feel alive when you are in pain. You find silence in chaos. And you see the beauty of every scars.

You call it Serenity. Your kind of Serenity.


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