11 hikers, 2 mountains, 8 wonder falls…

While everybody was asleep, trekkers marched their way on top of God’s creation.


We started hiking at exactly 3:23AM. The moon was nowhere to be found; nevertheless, the glimmering stars and our flashlights served us well. The trail was rock-strewn and mud-covered. There were steep tracks we almost lost our breaths; hence, we had to stop to rest and pull ourselves together. It was a hazardous trudge but giving up didn’t even cross our minds.

It was a scene to behold. The sunrise at the peak was; indeed, breathtaking. We were speechless. Everyone was happy as a clam. Our efforts have been paid excessively. We were over the moon gazing at the sea of clouds before our naked eyes.


Meanwhile, the 8 wonder falls we went to were marvelous as well. We soaked our tired feet and sipped fresh water straight from the mountains. The sounds the waterfalls brought were music to our ears. We found bliss and solace just by listening to it.

People often say that the things you get to do, feel, and experience when you go hiking will make you realize countless things about life. In my opinion, when you go hiking, you become a changed person. My perspectives on friendship, love, and life have changed vibrantly. We exist because of Him and we love because He first loved us. As time flies by, everything in this world fades but not His love for us. Life always throws us curve balls and sometimes everything is too much to handle but we have to remember that these curve balls will make us stronger than we are yesterday. They will shape and refine us to be the diamonds we are meant to be. God knows that the process is tough and painful so He had given us precious people who will stay with us come high or low. Also, God is always by our side. He never leaves us. We just have to keep our faith in Him. If I were to sum it up, I realized that everything about friendship, family, love, and life itself is about Him; by Him, for Him, and through Him. This journey called Life is God’s greatest gift to us. Treasure it. Cherish it. Live it well. Don’t let your kryptonite stop your from seeking the “great perhaps.” Explore and have the courage to take risks. Because beyond all the bridges we are afraid of crossing and the walls we are scared of breaking awaits the Eureka of a lifetime.