Lifetime Bucketlist


  1. zip line
  2. skydive
  3. finish a cross-stitch
  4. watch cinema alone
  5. study at UP for MA
  6. take a picture at the top of a skyscraper
  7. see my name in a newspaper
  8. bake cookies/cupcakes
  9. do something good/weird/dangerous on a leap year
  10. have my article/s published in any website/book
  11. meet an author and have my book signed
  12. attend a concert w/ VIP ticket
  13. play the guitar
  14. get drunk
  15. dance my heart out in a club
  16. be on a date
  17. confess my feelings
  18. visit a museum alone
  19. travel alone
  20. go to South with BFFs
  21. treat my family
  22. buy Keds/Converse
  23. write a letter and send it thru the post office
  24. wear a Sunday’s dress (I dare me)
  25. bungee jump
  26. rappel 
  27. wall climb
  28. paraglide
  29. curl my hair for a year
  30. go hiking
  31. volunteer abroad
  32. be a volunteer at an organization
  33. buy a boxed set of books
  34. ride a horse
  35. volunteer at PAWS
  36. wait for sunrise and sunset
  37. go to Cebu!
  38. watch a musical
  39. go to South Korea
  40. watch hot air balloon festival
  41. finish a bowl of Ramen alone
  42. spend a day reading in a cafe
  43. cook meal for my family
  44. write a love letter to someone I really like
  45. be at the top of a lighthouse
  46. scuba-dive
  47. move on from a past love
  48. genuinely greet a person who did mean thing/s to me
  49. wear makeup on a normal day
  50. finish my MA
  51. sincerely give a gift to someone I don’t like
  52. treat mama with something she really likes to do
  53. buy papa a ticket to PBA
  54. watch Aurora Borealis with my naked eyes
  55. be a speaker on a seminar/workshop/training
  56. sponsor an orphan to school
  57. stargaze