Give your heart a break,

Your mind’s at stake.

Breathe, look at the stars,

Forget all your scars.


Frigid evening,

Overflowing thoughts,

Fast-paced heartbeats,

Gnawing memories.


Try not to regret,

Goals you haven’t met,

Cry a river if you must,

Turn your sorrows into dust.


Darling, you’ll get by.

Take a deep sigh,

Today, a stream of tears

Tomorrow, an eternity of bliss.






Christmas Outreach 2016

Christmas is fast approaching and the spirit of sharing is in the air!

Our organization will have its Christmas Outreach 2016 to help kids like them!

Because nothing compares to the feeling you get when you know you’re living your life to the fullest by exhausting yourself helping the less fortunate people and helping them have a joyful Christmas.


How to help? Please click the link below!